Setup Lab

Setup the lab environment

To complete this lab, you will need to deploy an environment. Each student has their dedicated environment. To order a lab, navigate to

Log in to with your station name lu<number> with password “Frank_<number>_furt”. The number <number> matches the number of your lab notebook.

navigate to service catalog

click on the lab “CloudForms 4.5 with Ansible” and on Order

order ansible lab

read the details. Note that each lab will be automatically deleted after one day and shut down after 8 hours

click on Submit to start the provisioning of the lab

It will take up to 15 minutes for the lab to deploy! If you get a “Service unavailable” error, just wait a minute and try to reload.

You can only deploy one lab at a given time! If you try to deploy another lab, any previously created labs will be deleted!