Setup Lab

Setup the lab environment

To complete this lab, you will need to deploy an test environment. Each student can setup their dedicated environment. To order a lab, navigate to

  1. Log in with your station name lu<number> with password “Frank_<number>_furt”. The number <number> matches the number of your lab notebook.

  2. Navigate to the service catalog

    navigate to service catalog

  3. Click on the lab “Build a service catalog with CloudForms” and click Order

    order the lab

  4. Read the details.

    Each lab will be automatically deleted after one day and shut down after 8 hours

    lab details

  5. Click on Submit to start the provisioning of the lab

It will take up to 15 minutes for the lab to deploy! If you get a “Service unavailable” error when trying to access any of the lab servers, just wait a minute and try to reload.

You can only deploy one lab at a given time! If you try to deploy another lab, any previously created labs will be deleted!