Access the Lab

Access the lab environment

Give the lab up to 15 minutes to complete provisioning!

The lab is comprised of a number of systems:

  • Red Hat CloudForms Management Engine

      URL: https://cf-lu<number>
      user: admin / password: r3dh4t1!
  • Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager

      URL: https://rhevm-lu<number>
      user: admin@internal / password: r3dh4t1!
  • Red Hat OpenStack Platform

      URL: https://osp-lu<number>
      user: admin / password: r3dh4t1!

The number <number> matches the number of your lab notebook.

Your browser might give you a warning message about the SSL Certificates. These warning messages can be accepted and are due to the fact that each lab deployed with new certificates on request.