Create Service Catalog Item

Now we can start adding Service Catalog Items to the previously created Service Catalog.

Create a Service Catalog Item

In the following step we create a Service Catalog Item which will execute an Ansible Playbook.

  • Navigate to Services -> Catalogs.

If you followed the instructions by the letter, you’re already in this part of the UI.

  • Navigate to Catalog Items in the accordion on the left.

  • Click on Configuration -> Add a New Catalog Item.

Catalog Item Type: Ansible Tower

Name: Install Package

Description: Install Package via Ansible Playbook

Display in Catalog: yes

Catalog: My Company/Ansible Tower

Dialog: InstallPackageJob

Zone: Default Zone

Provider: Ansible Tower Automation Manager

Ansible Tower Template: InstallPackage

  • Click Add to create the Service Catalog Item.

Leave the “Provisioning Entry Point” as it is or otherwise the hook into the backend logic is broken and the order will fail to execute.

On the “Details” tab additional information can be provided for the end user when ordering this Service Catalog Item. You can use simple HTML formatting in this field as well.