Git Repository for Playbooks

Ansible Playbooks are usually stored in Git repositories. This allows easier collaboration, provides version control and advanced features like branching and tagging.

Add a Git repository of Ansible Playbooks

To be able to run Ansible Playbooks, they have to become available in CloudForms. Custom git repositories can be used as well as GitHub, GitLab or others. Other Source Control Management Systems like Subversion or Mercurial are planned for later versions.

  • Navigate to Automation -> Ansible -> Repositories.

  • Click on Configuration -> Add New Repository.

If the menu item “Add New Repository” is disabled, the Embedded Ansible Role is not active.

  • Fill in the form with the following data:

Name: GitLab

An internal name for the git repository.

Description: Example Playbooks

A description for the git repository.


How to access the git repository.

  • Click on Add to save the settings.

It takes a few seconds for the action to complete. A pop up notification will inform you after the task was completed.

You can click on your username in the top right corner and then on Tasks to see all currently running tasks. Switch to All Tasks to see the progress of your Repository import.

Verify the task completed successfully

  • Navigate back to Automation -> Ansible -> Repositories.

  • Click on the Reload icon to refresh the screen. After the initial import completed, you will see the list of available repositories.

  • Click on the repository named “GitLab” to see more details.

  • Click on Playbooks to see the list of automatically imported Playbooks.

This confirms that all Playbooks have been imported successfully.