Test the Custom Button

We want to test the resulting customization and see how it works from a user point of view.

  • Navigate to Compute -> Infrastructure -> Virtual Machines.

  • Click on the “cfme008” tile if not already selected.

Make sure cfme008 is up and running or the Playbook will fail.

  • On the details page of “cfme008” note the new menu “Ansible Tower”. Click to see the new button “Enable Cockpit”.

  • Click on Ansible Tower -> Enable Cockpit.

The previously created Service Dialog will open and ask for a “Service Name”. This field is optional and you can just click on Submit.

  • Navigate to Automation -> Ansible Tower -> Jobs.

You might have to reload the screen to see the job results. Since the Job is executed on Tower, it can also take a few minutes until you see the new entry.

After the Job was completed, you should see a now row in the table. Click on it to see more details. In this release you will not see the Ansible Playbook Output though.

If you navigate back to the Virtual Machine you will see a new field “Custom Button Events”. The new field can be found on the bottom of the “Relationships” box. If you click on it, you will also see the Job you just executed. This feature provides some auditing capabilities for custom button actions within CloudForms, eliminating the need to dig into the log files.

Ansible is idempotent - this means you can run the same Playbook many times and Ansible detects if the desired state was already reached. In this lab, no changes are necessary, because the package httpd is already installed.

Since you were running an Ansible Tower Workflow, you will see two Jobs which were executed by the Workflow.