Create Service Catalog

To offer a Service Catalog Item to users, they have to be organized in Service Catalogs.

Create an Ansible Service Catalog

This part of the lab will guide you through the process of creating a Service Catalog.

  • The next step is to create a Service Catalog. First we have to navigate to Services -> Catalogs.

  • On this screen click on Catalogs on the left.

  • Click on Configuration and Add a New Catalog.

  • Fill out name and description:

Name: Ansible

A user friendly name of the Service Catalog. End users will see the different Service Catalogs by name.

Description: Order Ansible Playbooks from a Service Catalog

Additional description about the Service Catalog. End users will see the description and it will help them to find the Service Catalog Items they are looking for.

  • Click on Add to save the new Catalog