Getting well with CloudForms

Build a service catalog with CloudForms

User self-service is seen as one of the defining capabilities of cloud computing. Red Hat CloudForms provides a self-service portal and catalog to deploy IT services over a variety of virtualization and cloud providers. In this lab you will get an introduction to CloudForms self-service followed by hands-on examples. You will start by creating a service catalog item to deploy a VM and then move on to more advanced topics like orchestration templates (OpenStack HEAT or others) as services.

CloudForms 4.5 with Ansible batteries included

So you have heard about the “Ansible Inside” theme of the new CloudForms 4.5 release? Keen to learn more? Join us in this lab session for hands-on exercises utilizing the embedded Ansible in CloudForms. After a brief overview you will learn how to use Ansible Playbooks to create service catalog items, to define control policies and to setup up alerts.

Build a policy action based on an Ansible Playbook with CloudForms

Policies are one of the most important features of CloudForms. In Cloudforms 4.5 you can execute an Ansible Playbook as an action of a Policy. In this lab you will learn how to create new actions based on Ansible Playbooks, assign those actions to a Policy, trigger the policy and verify that it was correctly executed.

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