Test Service Catalog Item

After all this work, we want to verify the Service Catalog Item works as expected.

Verify Service Catalog Item

We want to test the Service Catalog Item works as expected.

  • Navigate to Services -> Catalogs.

If you followed the instructions by the letter, you should already be in this menu.

  • Click on Service Catalogs in the accordion on the left.

  • Click on InstallPackage in the Ansible Tower Service Catalog.

  • Click on Order.

Service Name: Ansible Tower Test

Limit: cfme008

package_name: httpd

The package_name field might be read only. This will be changed in a separate part of this lab.

  • Click Submit.

You will be redirected to the “Requests” queue where you can monitor the progress of your order. As a result of the order a new “My Services” object was created. It contains some metadata and the Ansible Tower Job Output.

  • Navigate to Services -> My Services.

There should be only one object at this point in time - if there are multiple, try to find the latest one.

  • Click on the Icon representing the Service.

  • Click on the Job Tab to see the Ansible Playbook output.

Debug any problems you see, if there are any. Later parts of this lab will rely on a working Service Catalog Item and you should not proceed until all issues have been fixed.