Store Credentials

To allow Ansible to log into a managed node like a Virtual Machine, the necessary credentials have to be stored in CloudForms.

Store Virtual Machine Credentials

Ansible is using SSH by default to perform actions on the target machine. To be able to login, it has to know the login credentials.

  • Navigate to Automation -> Ansible -> Credentials.

  • Click on Configuration -> Add a new Credential.

  • Use the following settings:

Name: Virtual Machine credentials

A user descriptive name for the Credentials you want to store.

Credential type: Machine

CloudForms supports several credential types to connect to other systems. For this lab we choose “Machine”.

Username: root

The username used to login to the target system.

Password: r3dh4t1!

The password used to login to the target system.

Passwords are stored encrypted in the CloudForms database.

  • Click Add to save the credentials.

This is also an action which is preformed in the background and it can take a few seconds until you can see the new credentials in the Web UI.