Create Service Dialog

Service Dialog Definition

Service Dialogs define the UI presented to the user when executing an order or triggering an action. Administrator define the Service Dialog in an built in design editor without the need of any programming skills. Service Dialogs can also be automatically generated by CloudForms from Orchestration Templates and Ansible Tower Jobs.

Create Service Dialog from Ansible Tower Job

CloudForms can automatically create a Service Dialog from Ansible Tower Jobs and Workflows. The automatically generated Service Dialog can still be customized to make it more user friendly or to add, modify or remove exiting fields.

  • Navigate to Automation -> Ansible Tower -> Explorer.

  • Navigate to Templates in the accordion on the left.

  • Drill into “Ansible Tower Automation Manager” and click on the “Cockpit Workflow”.

  • Click on Configuration -> Create Service Dialog from this Template.

Service Dialog Name: Cockpit Workflow

  • Click Save.

Verify the Service Dialog

This is an optional part of the lab. Skip ahead if you do not want to verify the Service Dialog which was automatically created.

  • Navigate to Automation -> Automate -> Customization.

  • Click on Service Dialogs in the accordion on the left.

  • Click on the Service Dialog “Cockpit Workflow”.

  • Click Configuration -> Edit this Dialog.

As you can see, a number of elements can be added to the Service Dialog by simply using Drag & Drop.

If you changed the Service Dialog, please do not save those changes!